Time Keepers of the Road: The Companies Behind Car Dashboard Clocks

Time Keepers of the Road: The Companies Behind Car Dashboard Clocks

Are you one of those people who love checking the time on your car’s dashboard clock? Well, you’re not alone! But have you ever wondered who actually owns that clock? Is it the car manufacturer, the dealership or is it you? The answer might surprise you!

The truth is, the car dashboard clock belongs to the car owner, just like the rest of the car. But, why does it even matter?

Well, for starters, you might want to set the clock to the correct time, and for some people, having a functioning clock on their dashboard is important.

So next time you’re on a road trip and you’re checking the time, remember, you own that clock! And who knows, you might even be able to impress your friends with that fun fact!

Breitling and Bentley

One of the most famous associations, with more years and more dignity on both sides. The union began in 2003, when Breitling became the first watch brand, with an onboard watch design for Continental GT, a car house flagship model.

Since the masterpiece is the clock that appoints Bentley Breitling, a luxurious SUV that has been developed since 2015 was reset last year.

As you imagine, the need for this car is very low, but it also takes them, and one of them is a splash watch. And that does not mean that the quality is bad, but Breitling Molner Torben, which you can choose as extra, is something that will make e Bentley more special.

However, if you are privileged, you know that your price costs so much, $ 200,000. The price can depend on the content you have chosen or if you want to decorate it with diamonds or precious stones.

And now, what you can ask is, how do you load the mechanical clock embedded in the car’s dashboard? In this video you can see how it is worth it, it is worth using your 30 seconds.

IWC and Mercedes

Another union of the most popular is Mercedes Benz, with IWC Schaffhausen, which has been in force since 2004.

Certainly, you have seen analog watches spraying the most famous models of Mercedes. But the truth, that many people’s designs left a is lot to be desired, designs very easy and classic. It may be that the beauty of the Mercedes, should be the same.

With IWC and AMG, this style evolved. The IWC Ingenieur watches that ride on this Mercedes AMGSL 63 dashboard show what both firms are: beautiful and sporting at the same time.

Parmigiano and Bugatti

 In 2004, Swiss Arabic Watchmaker Parmigiani Fleurier signed a partnership agreement with Bugti. For the beginning of this new wedding, the new model offers  Bugatti Type 370, which denies all watching conventions. Riding along the horizontal axis and in a tubing form, reminds the car engine.

In 2009, the Swiss Watch Brand placed a tornado on the dashboard of the new Bugatti Galibier.

There will be four works in the Parmigiano clock. He had to fit the car’s dashboard in at least two places for a secure hold. Secondly, the clock had to be placed on the wrist with a buggy strap, just as it could be turned into a table clock. And finally, being able to turn it into a pocket watch.

Sadly, the new Bugatti 16C Galibier project did not proceed, and its output was canceled. It was very ugly!


In conclusion, the car dashboard clock belongs to the car owner just like the rest of the car. It is not owned by the car manufacturer or the dealership.

It is a standard feature of the car and it is included in the purchase. The dashboard clock is an important feature for some people, as it allows them to keep track of the time while they are driving. It is also a part of the car’s overall design and aesthetic.

It is important to note that the clock is not a separate purchase, it comes as a standard feature in the car. So next time you’re on a road trip and you’re checking the time, remember, you own that clock!