Ceramic Clocks. What are they and why buy them?

Ceramic Clocks. What are they and why buy them?

Ceramic watches are not very commonly seen in all watch-making brands, so they may not be as popular as steel, titanium, or resin watches.

But premium brands have been offering ceramic watches in their models such as Rado, Rolex, Hublot, or other ads such as bearings, lotus, or festivals.

What are ceramic watches?

Taking a ceramic watch on your wrist is not as if you were wearing a Chinese vase. The ceramic material used in watches is different from what we know is used in porcelain. Its preparation, even if the result is very similar, does not use the same process.

The definition of ceramics will be a solid material that is inorganic and not metal. But in the preparation of ceramics for the watches, pure materials, and metal compounds are used and in some cases, they add it with the dust of different mixtures to obtain a unique material.

In the process of heating and cooling the material, it is a place where different colors can be obtained to give the ultimate conclusion in the watches, with the help of chemical elements.

You can find ceramics in watches in different shapes, methods, and colors. Only in the bezels, in the box, in the bracelet with steel, or even a complete ceramic watch. The search for this black or white material is the most common, but it is normal to see other colors, such as one of the last Hublot models.

The benefits of ceramic watches

Too light and pleasant to touch

Ceramics in watches can be less than stainless steel. It can be equalized with aluminum watches. It is a very pleasant material that has very soft contact.

This is the hypoallergenic

People with sensitive skin can use a ceramic watch without facing irritation or allergic reactions.

It does not suffer from wear

Ceramics is a material that can be 4 times more difficult than stainless steel. Because of this, it is very difficult to face or wear its ingredients. That is why a ceramic watch will be new for many years.

The appearance of luxury

If we unite that it is a watch that will not have a single line and that ceramics has a special brightness, it seems that it will have a high-quality watch.

Talking about ceramic watches is talking about Rado. This substance with a leading brand and a manufacturing process that is a brand itself patented.

Disadvantages of ceramic watches

Breaks without repair

Ceramics are extremely difficult, so there is no flexibility. Because of this, a severe dry blow leaves it. It is true that manufacturers work more than fly, but in case of discomfort, and the piece is broken, the only potential repair component is a change.

Unlike steel, gold, or titanium, ceramic watches are not possible to polish because of this huge stiffness.

Higher price

Preparing a ceramic piece, mechanizing, and polishing is once again complicated, due to the hardness of the substance. This is why developing ceramic ingredients is something that is economically high. So the same steel watch, made in ceramics, is always a bit more expensive.

The Rolex GMT Master II is a bacterial bezel that is developed with extremely strict ceramic, which is developed by an important process developed by Rolex.

Should you buy a ceramic watch?

The question will be, why not? A ceramic watch is beautiful, comfortable, and pleasant. It does not weigh and if you have an allergy problem, it can be a good solution.

The only thing to know is that working as a mechanic, or climbing sports is not a watch. A more delicate watch than any other content, but you won’t break it first. Therefore, as always, depending on what you are going to use, a ceramic watch is a good purchase and a great gift.

Good options for ceramic watch

Lotus / Festina

The Spanish brands of the Festina group are always included in their most famous collections that are intended for this type of content. Quartz watches, usually Miyota. Good design and a good quality/price ratio.


Another Spanish brand that makes a lot of conditions for this type of product. Similarly, its rival in our country, the Viceroy’s ceramic watches is a great type in models, and especially women are dedicated to the public. Generally, quartz movements for the entire collection, though perhaps at a higher price than the two previous brands.


The young Danish brand is one of the people who bet on these material watches. It connects different colors of ceramics with its 316L steel with the least steel. This has been the last to enter the watchmaking world, but this is with a good product at a very competitive price. A brand that enhances and enhances its sample with new models.