The problems of your watch after the holidays

The problems of your watch after the holidays

Your watch problems behind the holidays

We wait and find ourselves very well and relax, after your passing holidays. Where did you go? Are you more beach, hostel, mountain, or extreme games? In any case, the important thing is that you enjoyed it completely and your watch has enjoyed it with you.

However, we know that accidents happen and the cooker is here to help you in everything that is clockwise. We, as expert watchmakers, we are, we know that after the holidays, your watch may have suffered some accidents. Therefore, we have made a list of the most common accidents and, in the case that some of them have happened to your watch, don’t panic because we have the solution.

Event #1

Thick. what’s this? Well, these are the drops that will be shown in the clock glass in the form of moisture. Generally, this situation occurs when your watch faces a very strong stroke. For example, when you are on the beach for over 30 degrees, you enter the sea and the temperature goes down, suddenly, ten degrees or more. You, without doubt, cool and taste, splash, but can damage your watch. do not worry! You can send it to our cooker workshop and we will serve a recovery, which includes internal cleaning, washing and/or polishing, packaging change, and its related battery change.

Event #2

Water filtration. This accident is another classic that can happen. The clock may not be a complete crown and there is a water filter. In these cases, it is important to get from time to time, so that the results of the liquid inside your watch are not destructive. Get it as soon as possible at the Cooker Service Center! In these cases, we usually serve a common service, which includes machine indifference, washing, and assembly lubrication. And, in some cases, spare parts have to be changed.

Event #3

Bad crown manipulation and underwater filling. Sometimes, you think you can fix the watch yourself. But, don’t do that! Because we should leave, experts, who have the necessary tools and personnel for it. When we talk about the “Crown Manipulation and Button” at this location, we refer to the following matters:

At the end of the use of the crown with and without thread with the #1 button and the crown, we advise you that it is in a zero position (Colonel correct), why do sometimes we assume that We leave it in its ideal position, but we have done half the closure, which causes water filtration and the result is the flood clock.

#2 Press the button and/or open the crown when you are underwater. This process is a serious mistake that is often done because we think the watch is resistant to water. The result is a defect in the packaging due to water pressure and movement within it. An example of this may be to light your watch or to activate another function. If any of these accidents happen to you, it is necessary to go to the cooker and, from here, we will serve a general (corrective) for your watch, which as a reminder, bay The recipe, washing, armed, grease includes machine, packaging, packaging or change of damaged pieces for the aforementioned accidents.

Event #4

Year. If you have decided to leave on the beach and wear your watch when you are going to run away, you must follow this type very simple: When moving from the sea, rinse your watch with fresh water And, if you can use it. A brush to clean the remnants of saltpeter. We remind you that salt is enough corrosion and over time it can wear both belts, boxes, buckles, and all outer parts, stains, and runs, which is blocked in buttons and/or crowns – If this happens to you, in the cooker we will make you a general recovery or service in terms of the influence of your piece.

This type of accident is the order of the day. It is very easy that, unintentionally, we hit our clock or that, for example, we are scratched or crashed by a rock, on a climbing day. But, calm, in these cases Klokker is also here to help you. The technicians of our service centers will change the glass and make a general assessment of the state of the machine.

As you can see, for every problem that your watch presents, clokker has a solution. We want the transition from your holiday time to the routine, to be as much as possible, and that your clock is also ready for it.

Do not forget that clock has a Watch care service that can cover your clock when any of the previously mentioned incidents happen. Check all the details here!