The First Titanium Watch

The First Titanium Watch

Recently, this post talked about the benefits and disadvantages of the titanium clock. But titanium watches, as we know them today, have changed and technology has made a lot of progress.

One of the decades -over brands in the study of improving this matter is the same, which now started the first titanium clock 50 years ago.

The first titanium Watch

Titanium was a mild and oxide-resistant substance, and it focused as a material used in the Apollo Project spacecraft in the 60s. It also had a lower risk of allergies than the remaining metals.

Then the citizen, how to launch this investigation on how to implement this material in his watches. The ultimate result was that the first brand was titanium, which develops a watch with a titanium box. In 1970, it launched the world’s first titanium clock, X-8 Cosmotron Chronometer.

The brand claimed that the “eight”, in the name, remembered the symbol of infiniteness, so it indicated an unlimited view of the future of Titanium.

The X-8 Cosmotron Chronometer box was made of 99.6 % of pure titanium and contained two pieces of structure, which were integrated into the body. For the present machinery at that time, it was difficult to make clear edges, and therefore the completion of the X-8 was rough and something else. Due to these technologies of these years, only a limited amount was launched.

The first titanium clock made in Europe was launched in 1980 and was developed by Porsche Design in partnership with the IWC.

Citizens took advantage of the rest of the brands in Titanium Studies. It is not surprising that today he is one of the titanium watches manufacturers.

Super Titanium of Citizen

When opening the market with titanium clocks, Citizens created a new trend and a new fan of watches. Many brands followed it, but citizens continue to study this content, such as improving it and making more watches.

Titanium has many benefits as a clock material. Important, weight, which means more lightness. And secondly, one is an anti-surgical material, a huge advantage, in terms of steel, for people with allergies to this material.

But he had trouble, and one of them had a great deal of hardship. Because of this, it was very difficult to work, and in those years, most of the machinery did not make any major progress, which translated the wages at higher prices. In addition, and although it seems irrational, the surface of the titanium is soft, which is another great against stainless steel, because it is easy to scrutinize.

But the citizen surpassed these issues, and with his modern indifference, he managed to improve the titanium, and he created and kicked his new technology. In which it adds its treatment for the surface of the substance, distance. A material that maintained the same lighting as ordinary titanium, but had five times more resistance.

The titanium processing technology has resulted in the result of the latest outdoor material of citizens, “Super Titanium ™ alloy”. The stainless steel increases by about 40 % mild surface by five times and softens more than normal titanium.

Cooperation in space

Citizens’ new technology draws attention to other sectors. They had a smooth, hard, and abrasive material.

An example of this is Ricoh and its PENTAX  products, which quickly impose this technology in their cameras to improve scratch resistance.

The Japanese company is the first landler from space, the first landler who plans to reach the moon in 2022 in search of water. The Citizen Watch Company signs the Corporate Partner’s Agreement with them to provide the original content of «Super Titanium». The citizen will produce ingredients that will be installed in their lunar research vehicles, and even in the landing module.

Super Titanium combination

And so he has called the citizen to his current samples, his most important reserves of super-titanium. In addition to this technology, it connects it to all the models with its leading environmental drive, except one, which makes it one of its automatic meta.