The Best Diving Watches in History: 2023

The Best Diving Watches in History: 2023

It is difficult to list the best diving watches in history. Today I will not appreciate what the best diving watches, are or what is selling well. What I will show you are the most famous since the beginning of history, more history watches, and more famous or modern according to their starting time.

There have been diving watches that have been famous for the features of the present, their exception, innovation, or merely design or quality.

Since the first watertight Clock came out, which resisted the entry of water, many such manufacturers have worked on this type of watch. Some need it for the moment, and others for the popularity that began to be diving around the world.

But well, let’s start with the list of the best diving watches in history. And we are going to do it with the first watch that can drown us underwater with serial production.

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms, The First Diving Watch with a Rotating Bezel

If we have to say what was the first diving watch that came close to today’s appearance, the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms comes to mind.

A watch that already had a rotating bezel, can be seen in the dark and its water resistance was the greatest for that time. But you first summarize the story of white diving.

Robert Maloubier, a hero of the French war, was selected by his country to create an elite team for extreme missions in the war.

His first decision was to equip his men with the best technology of the moment and thought that a mandatory tool was a good diving watch for its men. After a market search, no one had its demands, so I decided to design it.

When his sketch expires, it is time to look for the manufacturer. But until he reached the Blanc Pan, he found many negatives.

Captain Maloubier demanded that the manufacturer of a clock should be a black circle and underwater, it must have a rotating bezel to control diving time and of course, more depth and tolerate water within time Should be done.

And so Blancpain was born in 1953. The name “50 Fathoms” was expanded to include the clock, which was the same as 90 meters, the maximum distance at which the divers could drown during that time period.

Rolex Submariner, the First Diving Watch with 100 Meters

For a few months, I considered Rolex to be the first diving watch of the modern era. Rolex released its second water-resistant watch the same year, but this time it was the first person to dive and rank 100 meters.

The most well-known diving watch is the Rolex Submariner. Since 1953, the year in which its production began, the Rolex submarine has been on the dolls of most celebrities in the world.

And although on many occasions, the name has been assigned to this watch, it was not assigned for years later, which was the first model of the 6204 famous Swiss Watch.

But well, it was really the first Rolex submarine, and from that day on, it has been ready and improved, even as I told you, to become the most famous diving watch.

This first watch mounted a capacity without a calendar and a very stable box. I used the radio to make it visible in the dark, or the most ridiculous waters. And I will do it with a paste or a paste or hurt. Blancpain had an indirect rotating bezel patent, so the submarine had to settle in the 80s, and the settlements settle, settle. Nevertheless, an excellent diving watches in history.

Rolex Oyster, the First Watertight Watch

The 1926 Rolex Oyster was the first diving clock in history, or instead, the first watertight clock in history. Until then, other watches were preserved in some cases by dust, movement, and water. But all were hand-made pieces for private orders and special watches.

Rolex made the first watch in the series that could be submerged underwater. Thanks to a new crown, background, and bezel, the clock was able to compete with water and dust.

The Swiss brand wanted to examine it and kept its new watch on the wrist of the leading British swimmer, Mercedes Gleitze, in an attempt to swim across the La Mancha channel.

After a 10 -hour long journey, due to low water temperatures, the swimming had to be collected shortly before the challenge was found. But Rolex Oyster, hung from the British neck if he found something he was looking for, works perfectly, without a drop. In this way, showing the world to have a watertight watch on its wrist.

Omega Marine, the First Real Diving Watch

And as I told you, Rolex was the one who created the first watertight box in the series. But the tests that were done did not go down enough to tolerate water pressure so that it would be able to be called a diving watch.

The award was the Omega Marine in 1932, who initially managed to drown 73 meters deep, and shortly thereafter he was successfully trying to 135 meters.

But this is the only thing I know nowadays about a true diving watch, its water resistance. a square box, without a rotating bezel, or a background or thread crown. But it became very popular in the submarines of these times, and greatly facilitated their work. They were the pioneers of diving watches.

Panerai Radiomir, the First Diving Watch Visible Underwater

The watches retained the appearance that we now recognize as a diver. But the pantry Radiomir may not disappear from the list of the best diving watches in history.

And you won here in World War II thanks to its importance. At that time, all industries, belonging to different countries, worked to innovate or improve their technologies to gain an advantage over their enemies on the battlefield, and watchmaking was no different.

Panerai was not known for his calibers or for being a great box manufacturer. But if he created a watch that could be read underwater,

And thanks to using the radio as a paint. A highly radioactive chemical element, causing darkness in the dark.

It is very useful for the military divers at that time, in this case for the Italian army, when they had to do underwater missions. Today, the use of this element has been forbidden because of its danger.

Omega Seamaster, the Alternative to Rolex

Of course, the Omega C. Master is a well-known diving watch in the watchmaking world.

The Swiss brand launched the first Sea Master in 1948, without finding out that it would be its most famous watch to this day. And what they did not know was that the model was not going to be used or used with which it was thrown.

The first C-Master of 1948 was a classic steel watch, with leather or metal straps. a strong model, but by using a beautiful dress clock.

As a diving watch, we knew that was the only thing in one thing, that was the era of wind. It was really in 1957 when the brand decides to launch three models, each with one feature.

Railmaster, with magnetic resistance to 100 gausses for scientists. Speed master, measuring the speed properly, later becomes the clock that will travel on the moon. And C Master 300, with 200 meters of water resistance for divers.

This brand was found to be extremely suspicious since the classic model had good sales and the company did not want to eliminate it from the catalog.

And the new C Master 300 gained great popularity. But I knew they were not compatible to share the name, so finally, Swiss Swiss of Rolex decided to name the classic line as ” Le Ville ” and maintain the real name for the diving model. Both of these collections remain in their catalog to this day.

The film starring actor Pierce Brosnan and his famous intelligence agent James Bond is undoubtedly the most famous Omega-Speed Master. It was 1995 when he appeared in his first film, “Goldeneye.”

Seiko 62Mas, The First Japanese Diving Watch

And I couldn’t abandon the best diving watches in history to the Japanese. Currently, Japanese brands’ diving watches have the best sales in the market thanks to their reliability, quality, design, and, of course, price. And all of them have chosen the first Japanese diving watch, which gave birth to the famous collection of Seiko Prox.

It had been a few years since the Swiss had begun to fight for the best diving watch. And it’s 1965 when the great Japanese manufacturer, Seiko, enters the fray with the Model 6217, also known as the “62MAS.”

At the height of Swiss models of this moment, an automated watch with 150 meters of water resistance. The needles and visible indicators in the dark and rotating bezel, which happened to everyone except Blancpain, were on two sides.

Seiko is a manufacturer that works for the innovation and improvement of its products every day. And soon, just three years later, I will launch the following model, which doubles the 62-meter water resistance.

And in 1975 I offer Tuna 600, with diving watches with 600 meters resistance. Since then, to the present day, Seiko has always created some of the best diving watches in history, which have a great quality/market price proportion.

The Best Diving Watches in History

As I told you, I also appreciated his journey during the story. Possibly create a post about the date of diving watches someday, and their names, among others, appear once again.

If you have any questions about about what the main features of the diving clock are, you can go to the post where I explain them. I hope you like my choice of the best diving watches in history. Thank you very much for getting here.