Single Hand Watches What They Are and Some Good Option

Single Hand Watches What They Are and Some Good Option

I have always seen Single Hand Watches Watches curious. They are one of those who like me, but I never step up to buy. It also had to do that no one has fitted me so far. Or he has done it, but the price has stopped me.

This is a matter of the German brand Meistersinger, I like their design and their quality, but their cost is not for me. And I don’t say it is expensive, but it’s something high for my pocket. And today I am watching a brand that didn’t know, Pole Watches, and I know that this feeling has been great. So today I will tell how Single Hand Watches are, and dedicate the post to both brands, which are different from others and you.

What are the watches Single Hand Watches?

The fact is that when we look at a single-hand watch, the first feeling can be negative because they are unconventional watches. But the measurement of time began, when only the sun watches were present, which shows the moment of the day with a “needle”. However, if you like watches other than the rest, they can be a good option.

Only the clock injection will indicate time and minute in terms of position. If for example, it is in position in the middle of numbers 1 and 2, you will know that it is 1: 30h, or 1:30 pm. Depending on the division between the number and the number, you can know the right time.

But you can see an example on your analog watch, imagining that you don’t have a minute needle. Because of anyway, it is like a traditional analog clock but only with an hour of the needle.

The most famous brand of such watches is German Meistersinger. They are mechanical watches, that have been made by EUECO in the market for a few years. Most of their circles are designed to identify the time every 5 minutes.

As is often said, this is better than a thousand words. Here you can easily see how time is read on the single-hand watch.

MeisterSinger, Single Hand Watches with Mechanical Calibers

 This is a matter of 1999, when the watchmaker, Manfred Brassler, decides to sell his company, work at people, quartz watches, to people. In 2001, Foundation MeisterSinger, single-hand Mechanical Watches. Since then, and despite not being a history brand, it has been recognized worldwide as a high brand in watchmaking. During these 20 years, his watches have received numerous awards.

The MeisterSinger watches are clearly that they are distinguished by becoming single-hand watches, but they also have identified stamps. Zero to make two statistics numbers, or as in almost all field designs, their 144 separations are to be valid every 5 minutes. Inside you will always find high-quality mechanical calibration. Initially, he started using the most famous Swiss or ETA Swiss calibers.

But since 2016, it has been gathering in its models with its Manufacturing Movement, MSH01, with a 5 -day booking of March. It has special models, such as the Salthora of the following icon with a Milanese strap. This model, unlike others, indicates injection minutes, while time can be seen in the window at noon. It is as if it is a calendar window in common watches.

Of course, at these prices, we are talking about the good quality and strap of steel, which you can select in most cases between the skin or the steel. And depending on the model, they can reach 20 ATMs of water resistance. In short, a brand is quite priced, but it justifies it with good quality products.

Pole watches, economic youth

And as I told you, today I am watching this brand of watches. The truth is that he read about it but did not have a chance to see it. Pool Watch is a very young brand that launched a City Time Group with a different suggestion. A watch that has a minimum and original style.

In everyday life, where we live in minutes, pole watches offer a watch where the exact time is at least important. A single-hand range looks where we can only know every hour room. The circle of its circle represents only these minutes, for example, unlike the MeisterSinger, which almost always every 5 minutes. But I find the idea of ​​this brand very interesting, which designs my watches for people without having to stay in minutes for everything. Its spheres are clean, and because of this, it is not difficult to look at the time with a needle. I would say that the German model is easier.

Pole watches

Because of its youth, it is not that it has a wide range of samples, and it is based on three different collections but with the same style. “Compass”, “36” and “classic”.

Three combinations share in the growing leather strap with a simple click, so you can exchange them. In boxes, black steel or PVDs, all 7 mm are thick, which makes them thin. Of course, no model goes to 3 ATMs of water resistance. Flat glass is minerals, but with a sapphire coating, which makes them more resistant to rays. But where the difference between them is in the design of the fields.               

Inside it is the Japanese movement of the Miyota manufacturer, which has a reasonable potential for this price range of watches.

  1. “Compass” collection. It is a model with a 40 mm box. The circle is the one that makes the most reality. It has 3 figures and imitates a compass in a 3, 6, and 9 hours position. Sadly, they are just white or black.
  2. “Classic” collection. Another 40 mm model. It is also very classical for my taste, so it only offers the index with points, which makes time even more complicated. In addition to classic black and white for circle colors, they add blue here.


Single-hand watches are a great option for people who like different. Perhaps they are not right for certain occasions, where minutes are the main character of your activity. But it is a good idea to consider life without a hurry. For those who love to be regardless of the minute in which he lives.

Pole watches are a great option at a very competitive price that is about 100$. single-hand also looks, even for a quartz movement. An economic option, with good quality, is different from a minimum watch and the rest. If the thing you are looking for is even more immunity, you will have it with the German brand, but the prices start at four figures, so here it will depend on everyone’s pocket. – Mechanical watches with a classic and personal style, with which this brand features.