How to Remove Links from a Watch: No tools

How to Remove Links from a Watch: No tools

The purpose of this guide is to show you the necessary steps to know How to Remove Links from a Watch without using the link tool.

Removing one or more links from a watch LOO, you just need a small screwdriver to work and a good zone. The guide consists of five steps and if done properly, it will take less than 15 minutes to complete it.

Note: Choose a level of work that does not hurt or damage the clock. If you work on a hard or rough surface, keep a towel or a soft cloth.

This guide serves almost all brands, including Lotus, Casio, Maria, Viceroy, Jobim, etc.

To remove the link from the clock strap, you must first decide where you want to remove the link and how many links you want to remove. Some arrows indicate that they can be removed. A small removable pin holds each of the links.

To see where these removable pins are found, the circle is touched below the clock. Look at the bottom of the bracelet, close or close to any side of the bra. There you will see an arrow that indicates the connection plug. See the arrow: These arrows point to the direction in which the pin is slippery (see the picture).

Most watches have up to three pins that can be removed from each side of the brooch or closed. Remove the link from the link in this position and determine the number of these links you want to find

Note: We recommend that you remove the links in the two bodies so that you can remove the links from all sides of the closure or brooch while maintaining the circle of the clock focused on your wrist.

If you see a small opening in the opposite direction of the arrow. This is access to the pin that can be extracted.

Remove PIN: Use a screwdriver (you can also use a small nail or screw head) and press it on the opening (first image).

  • Holding the clock with one hand, insert the screwdriver into the hole with the other.
  • Be sure to keep both the clock and the screwdriver during this stage.
  • Apply force in the direction of the arrow, keeping the screwdriver in the opening.
  • The pin will begin to leave (second picture)
  • Keep moving the pin until you get it fully with your fingers (third picture).
  • Remove the pin.

The clock strap must now be completely separated from the pin. Be careful not to fold it when the pin is taken out. If the pin has been folded, you will not be able to place it again when you mount the clock strap. Save the pin in a safe place for later use.

3- We go to remove the second pin:

After removing the first pin from one side, now you have to remove the second pin from the opposite direction you are taking. The procedure is the same as in Step 2.

Insert the screwdriver into the hole in the opposite direction of the arrow and strengthen the pin in the direction of the arrow.

  1. Remove the pin completely.
  2. Be careful not to add it to this procedure.
  3. Ensure the clock is from the organs from which the pin is out.
  4. Once it is removed, the unique link will be separated from the clock strap.
  5. Note: Retired links or stages at this stage are not necessary for the following steps. However, if you want to install the link on the clock later, you will need both the link and pin.

4- Remove 2 heads of the clock belt:

At this time you can decide whether you need to remove another link. Roll the band around your wrist and hold the other hand separately. If it decides that more links are eliminated, repeat steps 1 and

3- We proceed to remove the second pin

Tap the clock so that the two cuts are at the forefront of each other. Press the end of the Links Links to fit (the first picture) using the first pin that returned to Step 2, and keep it with the link that must be connected (the second photo). This pin will be used to connect the clock strap. See 5 steps.

  1. Tap the clock straps.
  2. Pass from Step 2 and pass it at the end of the link on the other side (first picture).
  3. Make sure the pin is based on the right side and not vice versa because if the pin is incorrectly inserted, it can be stuck in the link.
  4. Fully insert the pin in the opening of two links unless it is on the sides of the clock belt.
  5. Make sure the pin is well articles: Keep the two ends of the clock belt together and should not lose or fall (another picture).

Note: If the pin is loose, you may have to use pliers to hold the strap and secure the pin – make sure to wrap the cloth around the pliers so that you do not work or do not damage your watch.

Try your watch and close the closure. Make sure the watch fits the desired.

After these instructions, only the pieces should be left and one or more links – depending on how much you want to remove. These pieces should be kept in a bag of labeled pieces. If you want to add a link to your watch belt, or if your belt link is damaged, you may need them in the future.