How to Polish a Watch Crystal

How to Polish a Watch Crystal

You have wondered how to polish the clock glass. This article mentions the best points for eliminating scratches in a simple and fast way. You can easily do this to your home comfortably and with ingredients.

It is important to know these suggestions because it is common to scratch glasses. Which can significantly affect the appearance of your clock and myth. Fortunately, it is easy to eliminate these stripes and scratches with the powers mentioned below.

How to polish the clock’s mica using household ingredients?

There are many options to polish the clock, Mika. For example, you can use a glass cleaner or soap to wash dishes. However, there is a great home alternative to get the best results.

Use dentifrice or dental cream

Dental cream is a product that is always at home. You can use any type of entire, even a basic. You just have to prevent it from being a prison dental cream, as it is different. Generally, it does not have the abrasive properties that are in common creams.

The traditional dental cream formula contains frictions like titanium and fluorite. Both substances are effective for eliminating scratches from Mika and eliminating polish. Follow these steps to use this procedure:

Rub the dental cream on the clock with a soft and dry cloth. You should carry out circular movements and put more pressure on the area where there are scratches. Of course, you should not exaggerate the pressure level on Mika.

At this point, you can estimate the results to determine whether it needs to be more polished. If the scratches have been removed, you can remove the toothpaste.

To do this, use a damp cloth. You can repeat this last stage as much as it is necessary unless there are deforms on the clock. Instead of fabrics, you can also use a soft brush and rub it through Mika.

Dental cream can be used on a full watch, namely, including straps. That way, you can polish the full watch and make it new.

Now you know how to polish the clock glass with a variety of easy and easy-to-use options.

How to polish the clock glass and easily eliminate abrasions?

Here I leave you 3 commercial products that you can use to polish the watch.

1 Amazon product: Aramox Glass polishing kit Pulido felt pocket stimulation stales

2. Amazon product: Polywatch Diamond polishing scratch remover for clock crystals

3. Amazon product: Polywatch crystal pulse paste

If you want to delete your clock’s glass scratches, scratches, or strings, follow the following points:

Use autosol or polywatch

These products are specifically designed to clean the clock crystals and eliminate the stripes. With this alternative, you can get the best results.

Following are the steps you should take:

With the help of cotton, rub the autos or poly watch on the clock glass.

If there are a lot of stripes in the watch glass or they are very deep, it is recommended to polish the sandpaper. This can be preferably straight or very good grain metal sandpapers. Or use an excellent grain Emery chapter. Unless you get the desired surface, apply the product to polish with the help of soft cotton fabric.

You can remove extra products from wet cotton fabrics.

Both products are extremely abusive. Therefore, they should be used carefully and refrained from applying to the painters.

Polish the glass from the mountain oxide

If you have stripes or scratches in the glass of your watch, you can use this product to polish it. You should apply it on the glass and can also be used to polish the entire surface of the stainless steel watch.

If you use this alternative, you should also have a drill with a speed regulator and a 12 cm felt disk. Which you should keep in the drill to polish the clock glass. Also, you must have water available. The steps are as follows:

  • Dominate the disc with water and mountain oxide.
  • Place the felt album in the drill and activate the drill at a lower speed.
  • The drill clock’s glass surface begins to cross. You should do it for about 10 minutes. The drill should pass with fixed movements so that the striped can be removed equally.
  • Now you will see amazing results, you can enjoy a scratch-free watch.
  • Serum oxide also has abrasive properties, so it should be used carefully.

Diamond paste

Diamond paste is another alternative to polishing your watch crystal and removing scratches. To do this, follow these steps:

With the help of a cotton cloth, apply a diamond paste on the watch glass. You can also apply it directly with your fingers.

Rub the product for about 5 minutes to the whole level.

Remove the remains of the paste using cotton clothes.