How to Get Color in Watches

<strong>How to Get Color in Watches</strong>

If the Swiss are proud of something other than their knives and chocolates, they are watches. A long -traditional industry in the Swiss countryside, and it has achieved a generation of high-quality generation. Today, keeping a Swiss Med Watch is akin to precision, quality, and luxury. But when can it be said that a watch is made Swiss? Why will you need to get a certificate to be ready in Switzerland?

The History of the Swiss-Made Seal on Watches

A brand of work, or victory, should be unique, something should be special and it should be registered and recognized worldwide. And that’s what Switzerland wanted to do with his watching industry. They knew they had a unique and high-quality product, and they wanted to have their identity stamps and watches in Switzerland.

This is 1971 when he legislated the Swiss manufacturing sect. A law of a decree was made that described the conditions that a watch should be found to get the Swiss Med Med Label. It was established that 50 % of the costs had to be Swiss and the country should have final production and quality control.

In 1982, the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry, “FH”, was formed, for the protection and development of the Swiss Watch Industry located in Ben. It has about 500 affiliated companies and represents more than 90 % of all watch-making preparations in Switzerland.

In 2017, the demands of the preparations were tightened so that they could implement the Swiss media label in the watches. This led to a huge debate in the industry, since great manufacturers, who use ingredients made out of the Swiss country, complained because in the production of the changes they had to make to meet the new situation Will cost more. However, for small independent manufacturers, as it was normal, it still seems rare.

What a Swiss-Made Watch Must Have Today

All watch brands have to meet these demands so that they can mark their watches as they are manufactured in Switzerland. Today, getting a watch with the Swiss seal guarantees reliable and reliable products. And this guarantee is the best marketing that can have a clock brand. But as I have told you, to waste the Swiss Med Med label, they have to meet the requirements set by the law of industrial property.

  1. This brand’s headquarters should be in Switzerland
  2. At least 60 % of production costs must be of Swiss origin, that is, they should be manufactured in the country. The rest can be imported from another country, which is by China’s standards.
  3. Clock movement must be prepared and collected in Switzerland.
  4. Both watch assembly and final quality control must be created in Switzerland.

As you see, 100 % of the watch is made in Switzerland, and from every piece of movement to every component of the box, is very difficult. Independent and artist manufacturers, who sell unique pieces, are those who often get 100 % watches manufactured in the Swiss country.

And when is Swiss made?

Certainly, you have seen a watch where the “Swiss Movement” has been identified instead of making the circle Swiss. This means that they are watches that do not meet the previous points to be able to be famous, but they buy internal movements from the Swiss manufacturer. And as before, this is another argument that is included in marketing campaigns to increase sales. But what is necessary to rank a movement of Swiss Caliber?

Well, the case of watches is very similar to:

  1. The factory should be in Switzerland, so it should be fully deposited in the country.
  2. There should be 50 % of Swiss-origin of ingredients available for a movement.
  3. The cost of 60 % of these ingredients should be manufactured in Switzerland.
  4. The final quality control should also be in the country.

Imagine that there are 50 different pieces in a movement to accumulate. Of these, 25 can be imported from other countries, but this amount cannot be more than 40 % of the total cost of movement. Therefore, as usual, the most expensive ingredients, and those who generally gain any ability to accuracy, should move beyond the country themselves.

I hope I have shown doubts, and you may have understood that when the watch, or a movement, Swiss is made. Remember that there are many false in the market, so make sure that any brand is the source of origin so that they do not deceive you, and any seal, such as today’s title, is original.

Some examples of Swiss-made watches

It is true that the price also shows that when you want a Swiss clock, in many cases, in many cases you will not be sorry for the watch you have. Its initial quality has changed to stability, and it is possible to care for many years without the lack of ingredients. If you do not have a high budget to keep these features, you can go through the post where you have indicated the Swiss Med Cell cheaply.