How to Fix Slow Quartz Clock

How to Fix Slow Quartz Clock

In today’s article, we will see how we can repair the quartz clock which is delayed. To reach the bottom of this problem, we have to first ask ourselves why it takes time to waste.

We already know that it is a matter of disappointment that you have to move my watch from time to time, believe me, this is a normal event.

No one likes late, it’s still a leader to repair your quartz clock that is delayed and leaves it as new.

My Sequoia Quartz Analog Clock is about 19 years old. In recent months I have found that two minutes of the right hour are slowly delayed. I examined cleaning and lubricating prices through an online watchmaker. Repair costs will be equal to the cost of a new watch. If a piece is needed, the cost of repair may be even higher.

Watches like mine are available on eBay and you can get less with a movement that can be transformed into my watch box if all dimensions are equal. But that would be a major threat. Since my wife gave me this watch on the occasion of my 25th wedding anniversary, I want to keep it instead of taking it.

Prevent you from returning from cleaning your quartz clock.

Now I’m going to teach you a way to clean your watch method. This is the cause of the delay because the gears become dirty or filled with moisture over the years, which does not work well.

Moisture is an important enemy of your watch. Although water is resistant, the seal allows water vapor over the years. It may be from the front or the front and now I teach you to fix it.

Place the clock on the rice boat:

White rice is an excellent moisture collecting. Certainly, you’ve already seen people who repair their wet mobile phones using rice. The reason for this is that it is responsible for absorbing all moisture in circuits or mechanisms, which is perfect for drying our watch.

Steps to break without opening the clock:

  1. As we indicate in this tutorial, separate the back of your watch.
  2. Once you remove the lid and the protective rubber introduced the clock in the boat with rice and estimated it.
  3. Leave it for about 24-48 hours.
  4. Now we go to the next step.

Cleaning compressed air mechanism:

This move should be cautious, it is not recommended to use compressed air in the critical mechanism of the watch. We are going to use an air spray that can be found in any computer or supermarket store.

  • We take the clock, once removed from the rice, and keep his face down from the air method.
  • We are bursting through the air throughout the circuit.
  • It would be enough to clean it with it, if you want to clean it, you can completely separate the entire watch but very carefully.

A moment, do you have a watch?

Today most watches work with batteries and not, they do not live forever. If you have been using your watch for months or you have kept it in the drawer, you may be delayed due to the downloaded battery. These batteries last for 4 years before spending.

To convert the battery to your watch, you can follow the guide created a few days ago.

The truth is that when your watch is delayed or delayed, this problem is most. I didn’t want to keep it because I imagined that you had already tried to change the battery, so I cleaned it.

If the clock is the right time, it is trying.

After performing all the previous steps, we will check whether they have worked or not.

  1. Keep the right time on your watch, you can guide yourself from your mobile phone because it gets the right time on the Internet.
  2. Re-see your watch within three or four days and share it with the mobile.
  3. You must compare it with the same reference source with which time to adjust the time, in this case, mobile.
  4. Check whether it is advanced or backward.
  5. Different conditions of 1 second time are normal and should not worry. If it has happened, it has been different for several minutes. Maybe something is wrong with your watch. In this case, take it to a reliable piece of jewelry to inspect it.

Final result:

We have been able to see throughout the article that quartz clock repair can be more expensive than a new buying, especially if your watch is several years old. That is why you encourage yourself to follow these tutorial measures and definitely have further delays in your watch. Will meet in other subjects!