How Often Do I Need To Wind A Manual Winding Watch

How Often Do I Need To Wind A Manual Winding Watch

The clock care is to know its operation and take care of its operation from time to time. In addition, it is important to know how to give it a rope, it is a daily ritual that will stay with us for a lifetime. A romantic and comfortable gesture that guarantees the longevity of the clock and launches its procedure. Discover how to rotate your watch properly to enjoy its magic and sophistication.

Method to rotate in a manual clock

The first step is to identify what we want to walk around. In the case of manual string watches, it is important to operate with delicacy and care so as not to damage the structure or procedure of the clock. The process begins to test whether the crown is free or rotated in the box.

• Crown of free movement. In the position in which it is, connected to the clock box and with the circle, we will begin to turn it in the direction of the index and the thumbs, the front, or the clock needles. At this time, we will hear the sound of the machine when it is activated.

• Rotate in the crown box. We open the crown, even the internal positioning spring does not put it in such a way that we can rotate it after the same procedure we have just described for the crown of the free movement.

When the crown begins to offer minor resistance, the reason is that it is reaching its last stop. When you see this stop, we should keep it so that the machine does not damage. If this is a rotating crown, we will press it towards the box and move forward, we will repeat it to guarantee the clock’s hermit.

How to rotate the automatic watch

Automatic watches are mechanical models that do not need to be manually roped because the movement of the wrist and arm is enough to enlighten its work.

If the automatic watch is closed and its design does not allow us to rotate, what will we do to take it out of the wrist and take it into our hands, in a flat position? Next, we will move slowly to left for at least a minute. In this way, we will submit a coffee gear reserve so that once it comes back to our wrist, the load process will resume soon.

Most automatic watches allow the rope to start the clock. In these cases, we will follow the same procedure, such as manual string watches, first, check what kind of crown they have.

The difference between promoting the manual clock and crying the automatic clock is that the latter does not have a rope final. Therefore, we will restrict you to about 20 crowns to provide a piece of march reservation, so that once, keep on the wrist, do not stop and continue the loading process.

Points to boost the clock

  • It is better not to manipulate the clock when placed on the wrist. Access to the crown position complicates and can damage some parts of the mechanism. Therefore, it is advisable to remove the clock to give the rope or make the necessary adjustment.
  • Some automatic watches maintain their burden for a day or two, even if they are not used. However, if they are standing, we should give them a rope, or move them carefully to start work. A router box will help you save and protect your watch when you haven’t intended to wear it.
  • It is advisable to rotate the clocks every day at the same time. You can convert it into a daily ritual to enjoy a comfortable movement and take the opportunity to occupy your cleaning from time to time.
  • As a general rule, the instructions, user manuals, and brand recommendations should always be respected for each watch model. And, if you have any questions, consult German watchmaking experts. We’re here to help you!

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