History of the Garmin Fenix

History of the Garmin Fenix

The US manufacturer of GPS devices has been producing rigorous watches since 2003, with the Forerunner series. Fast became very famous for the quality of its watches and continues to increase its catalog. Among them, is Garmin Fenix, of which today, we are already waiting for his sixth generation. A watch that has already been strengthened as a sales leader in multi-sports watches.

Garmin Fenix ​​1

The first of the Garmin Fenix Watches series is presented at the end of 2012. Unlike these models, the Garmin, the Forerunner series, the first Fenix is ​​launched with an electronic compass and the ultimate.

The slogan of this brand was “considered by mountaineers for climbers.” And it was Garman’s intention when he started this new series, a multi-sport clock that was pregnant for the mountain and was technically very complicated. It was not a training time for athletic competition, as Garmin Fenix users may be accustomed to.

There was a change of aesthetic. A big and strong box, 49 mm, but at the same time attractive and comfortable for the wrist. The rubber strap was resistant, with a thickness of 3 mm.

The glass was 30 mm but with a resolution of 71 × 71 pixels, the data fell to the area of 21.

Garmin Fenix 1

in short. , A watch with GPS, barometers, ultimate, and compass, which was not at the beginning of its multi-port, and if they were intended for those who liked the mountain and its tracks as training. The story of one of the most important series of Garmin began.

Garmin Fenix 2

The North American brand realized that it had a good product, but consumers lost the feature that was missing due to a multi-sports clock and was not so focused on any particular public. And it took more than a year, and in February 2014, he launched the second generation, Garmin Fenix 2. An accelerometer application is added and can receive information sent from your phone.

In addition to the barometer, Multimaster, three-acre electronic compass, Bluetooth wireless technology, GPS satellite navigation receptor, and 500 mAh battery. The new Garmin Fenix 2 has six games, running, climbing, riding, walking, skiing and swimming. In addition, the watch can automatically identify what kind of play the user is playing in a fixed time.

That same year I launched a special edition in which I aesthetically amended the belt, including red lines. It also painted the screen, something that was not compatible, and many users can be disturbed by black backgrounds and white digits.

Garmin Fenix 3

The third generation of the Fenix series clock was launched in 2015 and, which means a major change from the previous models. There was a popularity that had to be manufactured in different versions, you can choose the type of glass and keep it with sapphire. Bezel and belt color or bracelet type, rubber, skin, or steel. In addition, this update can be easily exchanged.

The screen grows and its resolution is 218 × 218. The weight has decreased by about 8 GRS. And its thickness is low, though the reason is a small battery that goes from 500 to 300 mAh. It does not affect the period, which also improves it, though the display in this version was already permanent.

It has water resistance from 5 to 10 ATMs.

It also brings important development at the level of technology. The search for a satellite in Fenix 2 was a bit slow. The new version includes a new antenna and a new glows system, which greatly improves contact speed. They add Wi-Fi, so downloading a computer is no longer necessary to use a computer. In addition, the updates in this model are already automatic.

Finally, there is another improvement that is compatible with applications and accessories available on the Connect IQ platform. A year later he launches Fenix 3 HR version, which is the only difference between heart rate and optical measurement. in short. , Possibly jumps with further improvement from the Generation Fenix series.

Garmin Fenix 5

After deciding to leave the accountant, and not setting its next generation as Garmin Fenix 4, at the beginning of 2017, the brand Garmin Fenix launches 5. , The new generation reinforces it as one of the best multi-sport watches in the market. This time they create three different versions, and the big difference is the size of each.

Some people rejected Fenix because it seemed that they had a wall watch on their wrist. Women, who had a version by then, could be the smallest of them, which were sold in different colors. It was one of the successes of this generation. There are three versions 5s, 5, and 5x, with 42, 47, and 51 mm, respectively. Of course, this has an impact on screens that are also on different steps, 27.9 mm for the smallest and 30.5 mm model for the two largest.

A new type of heart rate sensor was added, and the screen resolution, which becomes 240 × 240, was increased. It also improves the color that passes from 16 to 64 colors and reflects light. Improves battery and internal memory, which goes to 64 MB of 32 MB of Fenix 3. and high version, Fenix 5X, 16GB.

The menu is similar to the previous one and the only thing that improves is some shortcuts and more intelligent functions. Fenix 5X brings colorful typographic maps of Europe and interest points such as gas stations, hotels, etc. … The price of this model is € 150 compared to its two younger brothers.

“Plus” version

And as we are addicted to the brand, they launch another novelty in 2018. In this case, Garmin Fenix with “Plus”.

The new version applies to three sizes of Fenix 5, and its most important improvements include the NFC payment system, which is already included in another family, Visitation.

This new version also contains music storage and is directly reproduced on the watch itself, as well as connecting streaming music services.

In Fenix 5X, maps were added, with no 5s or 5. In Plus they are installed in two cheap models, and to compensate for a 5X price difference, Braces are added to it. This new function allows the user to determine blood oxygen saturation.

in short. , Garmin Fenix 3 left the bar very high, taking major changes from its predecessor. Fenix 5 has polished some of their shortcomings that I have left 3. And the truth is that he got it, though his price has been a little higher.

Garmin Fenix 6

At the end of the summer of 2019, the New Garmin Fenix 6. Launched. The generation with which it is potentially developed as the best multi-side port GPS watch in the market. Fenix 5 is still a good watch and it is not that it has become obsolete in 2021.

But Garmin indeed takes one of his flak watches. In this case, aesthetics do not change and maintains three different sizes, which has great success with 5. If there are many more versions and colors to choose from. So like its predecessor, the models are also 6s for small, 6x for medium, and 6x for high-range models, and size.

They have divided them into two lines for three models and 6s and 6 for Pro. You can also choose the sapphire crystal for any model, yes, the Pro finish. And finally, there is another version, the highest of all, and this is the solar version that can recharge the battery. As you can see, one of the things that are characterized by the new generation is all the possible combinations you can do.

New “Pro”, “Sapphire” and “Solar”

The versions of Fenix 6, the biggest differences and improvements, have improved the screen. The size increases and the resolution becomes 280 × 280 pixels, plus the standard version has strict glass. And if you care about the stripes you can do, you have a sapphire version. Battery, another improvement.

All models have their duration, but in the solar version, too, you can extend the intelligent mode to 3 more days, and use GPS for up to 6 hours, so you will reach 66 like this. The interface has been improved, and the power manager feature, with which you can adopt energy according to your needs, if you are not using them, you can disable the sensor. The recent Sony GNSS chip has been added to the GPS more efficiently.

Another novel, which has been requested for a while, is to register underwater pulse during swimming. For cyclists, the ClimbPro Function is inherited from Garmin Edge 530 and Age 830. Golf players are also improved. Now the maps of the fields are shown in color and indicate the distance between the holes.

The pace Function, allows you to set the rhythm of training according to our strategy or in inequality that we are facing. As you can see, the North American company justifies the previous generation, justifying the rise in prices. Now you just have to guess whether it’s worth paying for all improvements, or if you are going to use them all. Garmin Fenix 7 What will bring us?

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