History of the Cuckoo Clock and its Characteristics

History of the Cuckoo Clock and its Characteristics

There has been a long journey in the world of watching these first sun watches, which we know today, we can tell us what a doctor can do recently. On the way, we can see time in a variety of watches, which are more different. And one of them is going to talk to you today, clock.

And I’ve told you “see the time”, but today’s watch li, I could tell you “listen time”. The cocoa watch is not very common to see in any jewelry, just in some with more special products or as usual on the web. But let’s see where the originality and their long history come from.

Cuckoo Clock story

When the first cocoa watch was prepared, this is not something that can tell you, because its origin has never been realized. The first coca -known Coca -the base was owned by Prince Van Sachson in 1629. What is known is its real place, where all opinions and writings do like a black forest in Germany or an area near it.

During the same century, other writings were found, in which the watches with mechanical cocoa are mentioned. There are many different versions of the first cocoa watches, but nothing at all. What is clear, and that’s it, that is, that is that the Black Jungle residents have done their job, and since then they have been responsible for continuing the existence of these strange watches.

Black Forest

The Black Forest is a beautiful mountain solid located southwest of Germany, where the country is compatible with France and Switzerland. It seems that it looks like a story has been left for children. A special charm, thick forests, lake roads and ordinary villages with water, and obviously, cocoa watches.

As I told you, this place has been in charge of continuing the tradition of the cocoa clock. You should also know that if you want a real cocoa watch from the Black Jungle, you have to ask for its manufacturing certificate. As you ask for a Swiss seal in a rollex.

The black forest clock operates with mechanical movement, the wood is carved by hand and its production is completely in the German place. And as I told you, you should get Verne Dye Schwarzwalduhr Certification, VDS. (Black Jungle Watches Association).

How does a Cuckoo watch work

The cocoa watch is a clock that leaves a small cocoa bird, or every half hour, and allows you to know what time it is. The sound of cocoa is when a small piece of paper and wooden bows are opened inside the clock.

The internal mechanism that transmits the needles is mechanical, which runs through gears and gravity. The weight that hangs from the clock slowly pulls the chain because of its weight, which stimulates the pendant so that the needles can move every second. One of the chains is responsible for an hour and the other takes care of cocoa. In some cases, they weigh the third, which means that there is music in the clock too. The clock period can be 1 or 8 days. Once the time is over, you have to take weight again.

Don’t worry about the sound at night, because you can’t give it a sound at night.

Different types and models

There are different clock styles and types. As I have explained, if you want an original, you will have to go to a particular store in which they have, or through the web. But make sure you are buying an original cocoa watch from the Black Jungle in which the certificate has been sought, as you will pay for it too. But like everything, there are more economic changes, even if they do not have any original place.

They usually have quartz movements, and the quality of the wood is not the same as the original, nor will it be manufactured by hand. But if you just want it through decoration, or you can’t afford any of any origin, I will show you the styles that exist, and the best-selling cocoa watches on Amazon.

Classic Cuckoo watch

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They are watches that usually come with natural elements, or hunting animals, such as deer, or just their horns, birds, or different types of leaves. They are natural wood, without paint. Coco looks upwards from the back of its door.

Chalet Style Cuckoo Clock

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As his name shows, this boy represents a house, but not to anyone, but a specific house in the black forest. They also have many everyday moments and things in this wonderful place. Locals with animals feeding, doing daily jobs, drinking beer, and even dancing. This is one of the most requested styles and with more details.

Modern-style Cuckoo watch

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Perfect for those who want to combine with ancient some modern style. Of course, they are not doing so much that cocoa watches, nor do they have the previous details, but depending on your style at home, it can be perfect. What you also take notice of is the price is usually cheap.

The original Cuckoo clock.

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But if the money is not a problem, or you want a real cocoa watch of the black forest, with handmade and mechanical mechanisms. Here are some I like the most. All of them are handled by their original, mechanical movement and natural wooden certificate.