Do I Need To Wind My Watch

Do I Need To Wind My Watch

Most watches today are powered by a battery, and one of the biggest questions people have is whether or not they need to wind their watch. There are many watches that are automatic that do not need any winding to keep them running.

There are also many watches that still have a manual wind mechanism. If you have one of these watches, then you will need to keep it wound. This blog post will look at some of the best ways to wind your watch and will also look at the different mechanisms used to wind a watch.

1. See the clock correctly

If you already have experience with luxury watches, this point will probably be a small thing. However, when I think about my start, I know that initially, I am afraid to break my watches. At one point I will tell you when you should be more careful, but with most watches, this fear is absolutely baseless. If you have an automatic watch, twist the crown about 30-35 times. This will give your watch rope.

As long as you take it regularly, you will not need to rotate your luxury watch. Only if you have not used your watch for a few days and the gear reserve is over, do you have to revive it. “Giving too much rope” you can’t break your automatic watch, so don’t worry. If you have a manual string clock, you should rotate the clock completely when the gear reserve is over, regardless of whether you have used the clock.

With a manual string clock, you have to take care of a little while giving the rope: When the clock rope is complete, the crown cannot be changed further. Don’t change it anymore, because it can damage the clock in the worst case.

2. Clean your watch well

If between use, you want to remove dust and dirt from your watch, you can use a clean and soft micro-fiber cloth. However, be careful not to put too much pressure when cleaning it, as even a soft cloth can form micro sys in the polished parts of its luxury clock, especially if small of dust in the cloth.

Small particles gather. If your watch is resistant to water at 100 meters, you can from time to time clean your luxury watch with dishwasher water and liquid. Make sure that the crown of your watch is completely damaged to guarantee tightness and the water cannot enter this movement.

Use warm water and detergents without perfume. Clean the clock with your hands: This is the soft way to clean your luxury watch. After that, clarify the clock well until all detergent waste is eliminated. Take a soft and clean cloth and rub the clock with it. Then let your watch dry out for a while.

By the way, you can also use a soft toothbrush for deep cleaning. However, keep in mind that along with mechanical friction, the soft brush, too, can leave many myocardia. When I saw my watch on a sunny afternoon, I had this experience. Therefore, be careful when using a brush while cleaning.

If your watch is just 50 meters resistant to water, you should avoid water completely and clean it with a damp cloth only. Although I know some people who swim with their Speedmaster professional: Avoid this danger and enjoy their watch for longer. Cleaning your watch is an important aspect of taking care of it. Then, its jewelry model shines like new.

3. Proper storage: Are the boxes worth it?

Should a box use your watches? Initially, in particular, often ask if the mechanical clock will be damaged if the long period of time is stopped. At one point I will answer whether a box (also known as a box or movement showcase) is useful for rotating your watches) and when, before, before I have you safely and style I want to show a way to save your luxury watch.

The rooms and watches are very good in the room and can be easily stored. For example, I have a small box for a black wood clock. It looks good and my watches have enough space. If I am traveling and I want to take more than one watch with me, I take it to the clock role where I can safely save my watches.

A box-rolling box is an excellent and visible way to save its luxury watch. However, it is really important if you have a lot of complications and take it into circulation.

For example, you don’t have to restart your permanent calendar every time. On the other hand, if you only use automatic watches, no box is needed to rotate. If it stops for a long time, they will not be harmed. On the contrary: when using the clock rope, wearing fast clothing is ensured as the clock keeps moving forward.

4. Avoid scratch

As much as you take care of your luxury watch, one thing is safe: sooner or later it will be smashed. You can’t win this war, but you can make sure that clothing marks are minimal. In everyday life, focus on the most serious things, such as opening doors or tying your seat belt. If you pay a little attention to these works, your cute clock will save a great scratch.

Use the other hand when the doors open or open the seat belt in the car. When using jackets, make sure no button or zipper contacts your watch. When you do any mechanical work, do not take up your luxury watch. Do not leave your luxury watch in the hands of strangers, especially those who have nothing to do with the watches.

They are not so crazy about watches like you and therefore, they will not treat your watch with your care. When it comes to cleaning your watch, it is not more stressed and ensures that the polishing cloth is always clean, otherwise, it will leave scratches. And if, despite all your care, your favorite piece is to scratch, look at the good side: Your watch is now a unique thing and shows your history over time.

5. How often should the mechanical clock be reviewed?

At some point, the time will come: Your mechanical watch will have to be reviewed and sent to the workshop. The frequency with which this happens not only depends on their habits, but also the model and the manufacturer. Some manufacturers recommend an interval between about 4-5 years of services, while others have a more generous period.

For example, Rolex now recommends a review every 10 years. Regardless of the characteristics and recommendations of the manufacturer, there is a very special moment in which your watch needs to be reviewed, and at the same time when the clock operates with strong deviation.

Both government privileges can be reviewed with their own workshop and manufacturer. During a review, all the clock wear and pieces of movement are evaluated, and if it is damaged, their place is new. It also has the option of working optional, such as aesthetic reforms.

The price of the review depends not only on the manufacturer but also on the clock type. The care of three needles is usually cheaper than the history and watches of major complications. Although ETA movements can be checked for less than 500 dollars, the cost of three Nedal Rolex clocks is currently 800 dollars. On the other hand, the Royal Oak Torben will have to pay 2000 dollars for a complex watch like the Royal Oak Torben extra thin.