14 Good Reasons to Start Wearing a Watch Every Day: 2023

14 Good Reasons to Start Wearing a Watch Every Day: 2023

Watches have been around for centuries, and for good reason. Not only do they serve as a practical tool for keeping track of time, but they can also be a fashion statement.

In this blog, we’ll be discussing 14 good reasons why you should start wearing a watch every day. From the convenience of always knowing what time it is, to the added confidence boost of completing a polished look, there are countless reasons why watches are worth the investment.

And with the variety of styles available, there’s a watch for every taste and occasion. So, whether you’re a tech-savvy individual looking for a smartwatch or a classic watch enthusiast, this blog will give you a reason to invest in a timepiece. So put down your phone, and step into the world of watch-wearing.

1. You demand a lot of life because life demands you a lot.

This means you need a date. Or a tachymeter to measure speed. Or an indication of lunar stages. Or, better, all three in the same watch, as with the steel box, is the first Helio (, 12,400) of this powerful Zenith, which also has dates. This will be your ideal partner.

2. You have a pure gold heart.

And in addition to a beautiful watch, you are interested in supporting social and environmental responsibility projects. So you would like to know that the gold used to produce the Chopard L.U.C Tourbillon QF Fair (price) comes from mining communities in South America.

3. You like to sink. (Rather: you love, this is the best thing that airs with you)

The IWC Equatimer Automatic ($5750) is up to 300 meters deep and has a modern external internal rotating bezel that helps you know how long you are submerged. 42 mm box in steel.

Thanks to this fact, there are a lot of underwater indicators that cover the immersion indicators with Super LoMova.

4. You are left.

And if you have been left, you will agree that pancreas designers are talented to create this watch with the right crown on the right, making it easier for you to adjust it. History Name: Leminore 1950 Crono Monoplasment with 8 days of left-handed (22,500) titanium box.

Perfect for the left hand on the right wrist. Another advantage: It has eight days of sovereignty.

5. You need to beat many things.

Divers in the Caribbean. The car races are perfect eggs. Don’t see anything more. What do you need for this chronographic flyback Black pain with the fifth Fantomas Bathsky ($ 14,800) with a steel box?

6. Listen to the phrase “Plasma High Tech Ceramic” and you think: great.

Because it is a very resistant and special material, only Rado can produce it. Disaster XXL automatic chronographic (00 4700).

7. You wear a suit every day.

You need a beautiful clock like Mont Blanc Mystest Heritage Date Automatic ($ 2670) with a steel box.

Or it is modern with 42 mm boxes in multipurpose (price sale on sale) and automatic motion. This is a limited edition.

Another option is that it is colorful, but the least and minimum Bvlgari Roma 130th birthday Limited Edition ($ 22 200) is in white gold.

8. You like beautiful cars.

Inspired by the device board. Rubber straps with tire drawings. Tachymeters around the bezel. If you run a multi-grade oil through your veins, these are watches for you.

Louis voting with steel box Tambo Visage II Chronographic ($ 9000).

Trusted with PVD -Koto Steel Box extremely automatic (50 1450).

9. You have once again investigated.

From the Pink Puldo box to the marked crown design, passing through the beautiful agalloch of the circle, this is the watch with which you would say to be buried (if your heritage does not touch it first). Balan Blue de Curtier ($ 19 $).

The Belle Blue Crown is protected from the metal monastery and its design is unique for the watchmaker.

10. You need a watch for the days you don’t use it.

Royal Oak’s Sports Brother is Royal Oak of Shore Fun ($ 19,000) by Audmares Peugeot.

This is a recent Breitling watch designed for pilots in the mid -the 80s. Chromate 41 Air Bourne ($ 8030) with steel box.

Hublot’s wedding with football has given results as a King Power Special One in Titanio, in honor of Jose Molina.

11. You have never spent a lot of money on the clock, but now you want to start doing it. Forward.

Turner has done a great job to save the heritage of a brand living in a moment of dignity between 1950 and 1970. Now your watch collection is a great option to start. This is not cheap, but when you buy Heritage Black Bay (00 3100) with the steel box, you will feel that you invest in your future.

Midnight Blue Bezel is a clash for submarine diving watches that Turner sold to the French Navy in the 70s. The Big Wali Ahad developed a famous model, which was launched by Tudder in 1958. Brand fans Low They said “Big Crown”.

12. You have a sense of old memories …

The 70s: The square bezel and chronographic buttons in the Chronography of the Glasticity Chronography are with the specific design of the time when Namath was the king of American football. Chronography Seventy -Seventh Degree of Panorama (, 14,900) in steel.

The 50s: The Geo-Physic Model of 1958 is a current version of the watch created by the Jiger Elimination this year. With its clean circle and its small crown, it represents the best of watchmaking in the middle of the last century. Geo-Physic 1958 ($ 9800) with a steel box.

Another decent period: With Roman digits, Brigit Style Saves, and Royal Circle, this Ralph Lauren Fine Watch Making Watch is worth the Duke of Windsor and the days when men were manners. Sporting Classic Stop Watch in Steel (00 4100).

13. You travel without stopping.

The twin-time function of this clock allows you to keep the registration of two-time areas. Twin Time Automatic Race ($ 3300) by Tag Hiver with a steel box.

In this bell and Ross Bezel, the orange hand and the 24 -hour index indicate the average time of the Green Best (GMT). That is why it doesn’t matter how long you spend in the areas, you will always have this reference. BR123 GMT 24h ($ 3600)

14. You like your watch more than the watch.

For example, a brand-created run well clock ($ 550), emerged in the first promoted city of Detroit. The founders of Shinola trained the unemployed to make these beautiful watches using ingredients made in Switzerland.

Or the 1935 Heritage Model (00 2300), which is based on the watches that the Longines Brand specially developed for the Czechoslovak Air Force in the years before World War II. The ability to read this piece with a steel-made box is unusual, in addition to keeping history.

Additional reasons

Don’t forget the Omega watches that Nile Armstrong and the company used when they were first separated in history. After forty years, the Omega -Speed ​​Master Mark II model ($ 6250), which is equipped with an automated movement, is a refreshing mechanism that promotes watches used by astronauts in 1969.